DMSO for Herpes to the Rescue

DMSO and Lysine for Herpes

In this post I will explain why DMSO and Lysine for herpes can help you if you go off the herpes diet, like I did. Just bear with me as I tell you my story or skip to the bottom.

So for Halloween I buy only good chocolate candy for two reasons. One because I like to give good candy (I don’t want to be the house on the block serving crap nobody really wants) and two, if I have left overs, I’d like it to be something my husband & I want to eat or give away to our nieces & nephews (yeah right).

So, anyway, I bought what I thought was enough candy, but my husband bought even more. I don’t know if it was a sixth sense or what. We had approximately 130-150 trick or treaters! The most ever. Yikes! Of course we give add’l candy to neighbor kids, so the 150 pieces I bought would have left us high and dry.

Luckily or not so luckily my husband had purchased extra, so we had an extra 30-40 pieces. Yay!?

As you can imagine I ate half of that, albeit 2-3 pieces per day, everyday until it was gone.

Did I mention I like anything with peanut butter in it. You know what happens when you eat that with herpes right? If not, visit step one – the herpes diet to get some relief from your herpes symptoms fast.

Of course, as you can guess what happened next, herpes outbreak! Great. I knew it would happened, but I guess my sugar addiction just took over. Now what…

DMSO and L-Lysine to the Rescue

As mentioned here in the supplement section and the DMSO page, the two things that will help you more than anything, next to the herpes diet.

So that’s what I did, took 4 caps per day of 500 mg Lysine and slathered myself in DMSO, in appropriate areas, hee, hee, and of course stopped eating chocolate, especially with peanut butter.

4-5 days later I started feeling better and my herpes symptoms were going away, not completely yet, but much better.

I’m telling you ladies and guys too, I wouldn’t live without a bottle of DMSO Cream in my bathroom. I’m serious! I am sooo glad I found this stuff. It’s so soothing when you put it on. It doesn’t sting or burn like some of the other stuff I read about that people use on their privates. No thanks!

Well, anyway, that’s my story, hope it helps.

You can buy DMSO, Lysine and the other supplements I recommend at a few places, listed here. Click one link from each store and shop around b/c sometimes one thing is on sale and another is not and they may have a special on the shipping so, just add up what you want and see which store works out best for that order, then come back here next time and do the same so you always get a good deal.

Here are the specific products you want, in particular the DMSO. You want the cream not the gel. I used the gel once because I ran out, well thought I did (found some in a cupboard later) and used my husbands Amazon prime for free 2-day shipping. That’s all I could get for free shipping. Well, anyway I didn’t know it stunk so bad. The rose cream DMSO I normally use, smells good. Don’t worry though (guys) it doesn’t really smell that much like roses, just faintly, but at least it doesn’t stink. You can also buy unscented if you want.

From Herbspro
DMSO Cream 70/30 ALOE, 4 OZ

DMSO Cream 70/30 ALOE, 4 OZ
There is a better picture below of the DMSO. I don’t know why the one company has such a small picture, but they had a really good price last time I ordered, and that’s what matters most, right.

Lysine 250 Caps – This one was a great deal last time I checked, like $9-10 for 250 caps, otherwise most are usually $5-10 for 100 caps.

Lysine 250 Caps

L-Lysine 100 Caps
– from Source Naturals, I like them.

Lysine 100 Tabs

L-Lysine 90 Veg Caps
– 1000mg caps
From House of Nutrition

DMSO Cream Plastic Rose Fragranced 70/30 Cream 4oz

DMSO Cream Plastic Rose Fragranced 70/30 Cream 4oz
40% off Source Natural Products at House of Nutrition
Source Naturals L-Lysine 500mg 100Tabs
Source Naturals L-Lysine 500mg 250Tabs
Douglas Lab’s L-Lysine 500 mg 100 caps
Jarrow L-Lysine 500mg 100Caps
Douglas Lab’s L-Lysine 500 mg 250 caps
House of Nutrition’s, prices aren’t quite as good as herspro above, but at least they had some lysine for a decent price. Remember tabs are cheaper, but potentially harder to swallow than capsules, so for a few bucks more, I always opt for the caps.

eVitamins had all the products as well at good prices, they just don’t direct link to most, so just use this Company banner link and type in what you want once you get there.

Good Health for the Entire Family

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