Herpes Relief Step Five

EFT and Herpes

If you know what EFT is, then you should be using it. If not, here’s a brief description. EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, is a tapping method used to release various negative emotions from your body that have built up over time. You tap on your meridian points to release the blocks in your body, which allows you to release stored emotions. It works, so please keep an open minds while reading about it.

Here’s a picture of where to tap –

tapping points image

First you use the set up phrase, while tapping on the karate chop point – Even though ………… I deeply love, forgive and accept myself.

Or if you can’t say that try this – Even though ………………. I accept how I feel and love/forgive myself. (any variety works)

Fill the …………. with whatever negative emotion you feel, anything goes here, examples below, and you’ll be surprised what may come up while you are tapping. I’ll explain in a minute.

Here are some examples:

…..I’m mad because I have this Herpes.

……I’m embarrassed that I have Herpes.

…..I’m mad at the person who gave me Herpes.

…..I have this annoying pain and itching around my genitals.

…..I feel bad because I can’t have sex with….

…..my willpower is too weak to stay away from chocolate.

…..I’m stressed about….

…..I’m upset with my boyfriend/girlfriend because…

You get the point, just say whatever you feel, it works best this way.

I know you may be saying huh? or maybe you can hardly even say it. I couldn’t when I first learned EFT, probably because I didn’t love, forgive and accept myself. Don’t worry you will. You can say it in your mind too, it doesn’t have to be out loud. If you are at the office, just go to the bathroom and do it in a stall. No one will know, unless you are in there for a while, they might wonder about you. Whatever you do, try to feel the emotions profoundly while you are tapping. This will help tremendously!

I think you get the idea, so let’s move on.

Ok, so you’ve got your 1st item to work on, good. Rate it on a scale of 1-10. How bad is it? Let’s say a 7.

Now, while tapping on the karate chop point, see diagram  (use one hand to tap the other) say the phrase you chose 3 times.

Even though I feel weak for being addicted to chocolate, I deeply love, forgive and accept myself.

Now, while saying just the main part of the phrase that is the problem; ie addicted to chocolate, mad at my husband, embarrassed about my herpes, etc, tap each point with one hand and say it, continuing to all the points.

Tapping on the inner eyebrow – “addicted to chocolate”

tapping on the outer eyebrow – “addicted to chocolate”

tapping under the eye – “addicted to chocolate”

tapping above the lip – “addicted to chocolate”

tapping just above the chin, below the lip – “addicted to chocolate”

tapping on the collarbone – “addicted to chocolate”

tapping under the opposite arm (about where a bra goes)- “addicted to chocolate”

tapping on the head – “addicted to chocolate”

You can continue on the left side if you want or you can start to say positive phrases about this problem now, like I’m pretty good about only eating a small amount of chocolate when I really want it. I can learn to eat fruit and snacks that are healthy for me. I’m a good person. I deserve to be healthy. Etc.

Now rate how you feel. Is it still a 7, maybe its only a 4 or 5 now. Tap some more until it goes down. Tap a little every day.

While you are tapping, listen to your inner voice. Did you think of other things that are blocking you? Maybe you thought, huh that Susie can eat whatever she wants and never gains an ounce, or maybe your thoughts said it’s my own stupidity for sleeping with that loser, or I wish my wife wouldn’t make me feel so xxx. Whatever comes up write it down and tap on that and keep going, for a while anyway. You can do some more tomorrow, and the next day and the next.

Don’t do too much at first! When you clear your negative energy, you will feel yourself being tired until you’ve slept. And boy will you sleep good. Make sure you allow 7-8 hours of restful sleep.

Tap on everything you can think of that could be a problem for you or that makes you have a negative emotion. Write ideas down and tap a little every day. You’ll start feeling better in no time.

If you want help with the wording, sometimes it’s nice to listen to an audio. There’s always an ah ha moment or two of something you didn’t think of. YouTube has a bunch of free videos to watch about EFT.

Using EFT is like peeling the layers of an onion. Just when you think you’ve cleared one thing, something else will show up. It was always there, just a little hidden under all the mess we have inside.

Don’t worry about it, just tap a little every day.

You can learn more about EFT from this book, by it’s creator Gary Craig.

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