Herpes Relief Step Two

Ok, here’s another way to help relieve some of your herpes symptoms that’s not easy, for most anyway. The rest of them are, so keep reading this blog.

Avoiding Sex When Having a Herpes Outbreak

Yes, it’s true, you should avoid intercourse when you are having a herpes outbreak, especially if your symptoms are moderate to severe. I know it sucks, well for some anyway, if you have a regular partner.

If your symptoms are mild, try some other steps on this blog and if you still haven’t got the relief you are looking for, then you too may have to go without, for a little while anyway.

Reasons to Not Have Sex During a Herpes Outbreak

First of all, you don’t want to infect the other person you are with. If the male wears a condom, that can help with protection, if the herpes outbreak exists only under the condom and no where else or inside the V and nowhere else on a woman.

The second reason to avoid it is because it causes pain for some people. I know, the pleasure outweighs the pain in most cases, but read the 3rd reason below.

The third and most important reason to avoid sex during a herpes outbreak is because it will make your symptoms worse and not better.

I realize it’s hard to avoid it for a long time, but if you do all the tips and suggestions on this blog, then your symptoms will be gone much sooner so you can get back to you know what. Now that is some incentive!

If you are following all the herpes relief steps here, but you need a release before all your symptoms are gone, which could take 1-2 months depending on how bad they are, then I suggest a manual one only, no oral here, for obvious reasons. It doesn’t have to be by yourself, your partner can do it, just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after wards before touching anything else.

If you need help with this step, read the page on EFT, it can help.


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