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Stress can of course be a potential killer if you just ignore its symptoms and do not make various changes to your life. Stress is often linked to heart conditions, strokes, high blood pressure and a whole host of other diseases and illnesses, including making your herpes much worse. Apart from making changes to your life, see this page, it is possible to take certain herbs and supplements that can help to ease the effect that stress has on your body. That being said, what follows are five herbs for stress relief that you should be looking to take advantage of in order to improve your health.

    1. Rosemary
      Rosemary has been shown to relax the various muscles around the body and this is going to help you with stress as part of the problem is related to tension. Thanks to the muscles being relaxed it helps the blood to flow more easily around the body as well as to the brain. All of this means you will also be able to think more clearly, whereas when you are stressed it is common for people to struggle when it comes to their ability to concentrate.
    2. Tarragon
      Tarragon has the ability to help you in a number of ways and one of the first is due to it being a natural pain reliever. The good thing about it relieving pain is that it does mean you will be able to relax more easily and this, in turn, lowers those stress levels. It is also known to be good at promoting a sense of calmness, and clearly the calmer you feel, then the less stress you will be under.
    3. Dill
      When people are stressed it is common for them to develop stomach problems as it has been shown that the digestive tract shuts down to a certain extent during extreme stress. What dill does is it helps to relax the stomach and it eases those cramps that you may have been feeling from time to time. It is also known to have natural tranquilizing properties so it can help you to sleep better as well.
    4. Sage
      Studies have shown that sage is a great herb for helping to clear the mind and it does also have extremely good antioxidant properties. Sage has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries and people do believe that it helps to restore balance to the mind. So this particular herb is more about the mental side of stress rather than dealing with the physical impact.
    5. St John’s Wort
      St John’s Wort is perhaps the main herb for stress relief because of the impact it has on the pituitary gland and this is something that plays a key role in how stress affects your body. Basically, the pituitary gland is going to break down a hormone called norepinephrine and this is often referred to as the stress hormone. By breaking it down instead of having your body storing it you will not feel the various effects of stress as much as you otherwise would because blocking its release will allow the natural stress busting hormones in your body to work normally. Taking St John’s Wort will allow your body to do this so your health will then really benefit.Those are five herbs for stress relief that you should be at least thinking about using in order to lower the chances of you developing more serious health issues or making others worse, like your herpes. I’m sure you are familiar with most of them and it will be very easy to get them from a range of stores. So take advantage of their natural properties and use them to help ease that stress.

Here are some of these herbs and supplements in an easy to use method, mostly capsules, some tea and some oils, after all, how much rosemary, dill, sage or tarragon can you put on your food? Maybe not enough to get the benefits you are looking for. Most of them are pretty inexpensive.

Ursolic Acid, From Rosemary Leaf Extract, 120 Capsules, Labrada Nutrition

Rosemary Leaf Extract Liquid 1 oz from Nature’s Answer

Rosemary Oil, Organic Essential Oil 1 oz, NOW Foods

Rosemary Oil, 2 oz, NOW Foods

Organic Rosemary Tea, 24 Tea Bags, Alvita Tea

Clary Sage Oil, Pure Essential Oil 1 oz, NOW Foods

Sage Oil, 1 oz, NOW Foods

Sage Tea Organic, 24 Tea Bags, Alvita Tea

Tarragon Leaf Cut & Sifted, Mini Spice, 0.11 oz, Simply Organic

St. Johns Wort Glycerite Liquid, 1 oz, Herb Pharm

Here are a few other stress relieving supplements, teas and liquids;

Calming Tea (Stress Relief) 16 tea bags from Yogi Tea

B-Stress Vitamin B Complex Formula 100 caps from Nature’s Way

Natural Calm, The Anti-Stress Drink – Raspberry Lemon, 8 oz, Natural Vitality

Stress & Tension Relief Globules, 15 g, Similasan Homeopathic

Relax-Eze Capsule, Stress Formula, 100 Vegicaps, Christopher’s Original Formulas

Homeopathic Stress Mints for Stress Relief, 30 Lozenges, Historical Remedies

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