Herpes Relief Step Six

Improve Your Immune System

Part of the reason your herpes symptoms show up and hang around for a while could be from a weakened immune system. Not eating healthy, eating too much sugar, drinking too much alcohol, not sleeping or exercising enough and being stressed, all cause your immune system to break down. Besides trying to do all the right things to improve it, you can also build up your immune system by taking vitamins, minerals and other supplements known for improving your immune function.

Here is a list of the immune system supplements I take and you should consider taking on a daily basis, at least until your symptoms have been better for a while, then just reduce the amounts. This is in addition to your multi vitamin of course.

Immune System Supplements

Liquid Stabilized Oxygen

You may never have heard of this supplement before, but it can really help your herpes. It’s a proven scientific fact that disease cannot live in an oxygen rich environment. Hence if you raise your body’s oxygen levels high enough you will kill bacteria and viruses. I just put a few drops in water or juice a few times per day to start and increased/decreased slowly as needed.
Stabilized Oxygen with Colloidal Silver and Aloe Vera, Mountain Berry, 16 oz, Oxylife Products They also have plain and orange-pineapple flavor

Oxy-Caps Oxygen Supplement, 90 Capsules, Earth’s Bounty

Even if you take a multi vitamin or two daily, you will still need to supplement with the appropriate amount of the above vitamins and minerals. Don’t worry, you can find them all in one place and at great prices. Most of the ones I listed here only cost an average of $8-12 a bottle, a few around $15 – $25, so it won’t cost too much for a month or two supply. Remember once your immune system is stronger and your herpes symptoms have gone away or mostly, you can lower the dosage on all of it, even rotate between them on a daily basis. That’s what I do.

Multi1, Daily Performance Multi-Vitamin & Mineral, 120 Capsules, Nutrition 53
Adult Complete Multi-Vitamin, 240 Gummies, SmartyPants Vitamins
Multi-Food 1, Complete Multi Vitamin, 90 Tablets, NOW Foods

Here are a few additional supplements you may want to take if you need extra help with your herpes or just your immune system in general and can afford it. They are inexpensive.

To you health!

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